Tales of a Lost Mine First Devlog

September 27, 2018

It has been a long time since we started the development of Tales of a Lost Mine (TOALM), about 6 months already, and now I think I must start register our progress, I am planning on doing this every two weeks at least.

For people who still didn’t heard of TOALM, it will be a Metroidvania mobile game (at least initially), it will be a retro styled game and we hope to bring some elements of old games of that genre for mobile.

So in the past months we have been working hard on finishing a demo for the game and making most of the game systems working, all the game’s physics is working, the map rendering system is almost complete, and the UI has progressed a lot as well.

A lot of work has been done on our engine as well, we are using an engine built on top of Flutter, a Google framework for building multiplatform mobile apps, if you like tech stuff, check out the engine here flame.

Our next steps is to polish even more our demo, work more on trying to build a community for the game and hopefully create more content, like maps, enemies and etc.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope to see you on our next dev log.