Tales of a Lost Mine Devlog #2

October 15, 2018

These past couple of weeks was somewhat of slow, not much was implemented on the game itself, but we did some research and a lot of planning for the game.

Some insights that we had, that is worth noting

The game color palette is not appealing to everyone, when I chose this palette I was hoping that it would raise that awesome feeling of nostalgia. But apparently, some people just aren’t very found of green. So because of this we will be implementing the possibility for the player to change the color palette, the extra colors are not decided yet but I guess about 2 or 3 other options will be available

The monetization system always a very big question mark, so on past days a lot of research was done, and although nothing is decided for sure yet, we are really thinking on providing a free demo of the game, a then offer an in app purchase for the complete game, it would the only in app purchase of the game, that will unlock all the content of the game.

Also some marketing about the game was made, a very simple reveal trailer and a video showcasing the gamepad support, if you’re not yet familiar with our YouTube Channel, check it out here

That is it for today’s devlog, thanks for reading this, and hope to see you here on the next one :D