Tales of a Lost Mine Devlog #3

November 08, 2018

Another couple of weeks and another DevLog, these were somewhat unusual weeks for the development of the game, not much time were invested on implementing the game, but instead we have focused a lot on organizing, studying and trying to improve the community aroung our small studio.

We were been given the oportunity make a presentation on a college of a city in our local region, where we presented the things that we have learned on our road so far and altough we are still beginners on indie game development we felt that we were able to pass some knowledge ahead to the local community, and it was pretty cool feeling!

We put some effort organizing our social networks too, we gave up on Facebook, it does not grow organic and posts there have very low impressions, so, we are keeping our subreddit, created a discord and a twitter.

Twitter was a really good surprise, we created the account yesterday and we already have 10 followers, where most of them are organic growth. The biggest cool thing that happened in these two days of twitter was having a retweet from one the biggest studios here in Brazil, Aquiris, the studio who makes the awesome game Horizon Chase, really happy to see that one of our content caught their attention.

If you have not yet, join/subscribe our social networks: (Reddit, Twitter, Discord)

Some other great news that we have to share is that a desktop version of the game may really be a thing in the future, we did some tests with running flutter on Desktop and the stability of the platform is better than we though it would be, check out the pictures below of the game running on a MacOs and Linux notebooks:

We also did some rework on the game tileset after we got some pretty good feedback from the r/metroidvania subrredit (if anyone from this subrredit is reading this, my sincere thanks, this community is amazing). It is not yet finished but it already looks much better, check it how it was before and after the change:

And that is all for today’s devlog, Thanks for reading this and hope to see you on our next devlog!