Dev Log: Break Guns Using Gems, Game Jam and QRI: The Handheld Fantasy Console

December 20, 2018

Hello for another Fireslime’s DevLog. These two weeks were very productive, the work on Break Guns Using Gems is going well and it looks like we will really be able to finish it by the end of december, so stay tuned.

We also did some work on QRI, a side project that we are working on, it will be a handheld fantasy console for mobile, a lot of work on its tools has been done and an editor is almost ready to be tested, we hope to have more news about it on the next two weeks. Here is a small tech demo of it that we posted some time ago on twitter.

We did also joined a jam on itch about retro platformers, with the cyberpunk theme, we planned on making it a Single Screen Puzzle Platformer but unfortunately we were not able to finish our entry in time, but it was a really good learning experience, and we plan in trying to finish the game eventually, you can checkout some of its art below:

We also recommend checking out the Streamer who held the jam, he does monthly jams and they are really interesting.

Thanks for reading this, hope to see you on the next update.