Dev Log: Break Guns Using Gems #2

January 10, 2019

Welcome for another (late) Fireslime’s DevLog. So we have been a little quiet this past weeks, in the previous Devlog we said that our mobile game Break Guns Using Gems (BGUG) would be releasing by the end of december, and well, it did not happened.

There were some reasons: some work were underestimated, some mistakes were made, but above all, a lot of lessons were learned.

We have been working a lot on past weeks, trying to make up to this delay and while we wait some things to get resolved (remember above that I said that some mistakes were made…) we are polishing the game, in the hope to delivery a better game upon release.

We have added a lot of skins to the game, featuring a total of 32 skins to choose from our Skin Store:

The Gameplay is also basically done:

So, to sum up, we have not given up, we are still working hard and hopping that the next time you hear from us, is a release announcement from BGUG!