Dev Log: Break Guns Using Gems finally released

January 24, 2019

Hello everyone!

So we finally released Break Guns Using Gems, our first ever game. And we are already working on improving it, since the release we already fixed some problems and improved the obstacle and block animation sprite:

We should release another new update soon, with a store with improved visuals, bugs fixes and a global leaderboard! So stay tuned for updates, and if you did not yet downloaded the game, get it here.

We have also been working a lot on promoting the game, tweeting news about it and trying to spread the word about it, so people get to know the game.

We got featured on the Youtube channel Inside The Gamer Brasil you can check the video here (Brazilian Portuguese). We also have been approached by the people from Daikon Media who gently offered to make a review about BGUG and post on their blog, in an effort to help indie developers. We are really excited to see what they think of our game and we will share the review here when it is done, in the meantime check out their site and their partners site:

This is it for this entry, thanks a lot to everybody who helped us and played our game! And we hope to see you again on the next DevLog.