Dev Log: BGUG update and the return of the development of Tales

February 16, 2019

Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry for long time without updates, we have been very busy the past weeks and was not able to write the devlog. But we also have a lot of good news to share.

We have worked on some improvements on BGUG, resolved some bugs that was found after the release and added some cool new features: A global leaderboard and gamepad support on the gameplay!

With the global leaderboard, now all the people from around the world can now compete for the crown of the best BGUG player, we have actually two scoreboards, the longest distance ran and the most coins collected.

The gamepad is also an awesome feature, altough gamepads are not wide spread among Android players, it is higly apreciated by the people who spend long hours playing on mobile and also rendered a great feature for Flame, the Flutter game engine that we help maintain, if you are intered in the code behind the gamepad support, checkout this github repository.

We also have great news, the have returned to the development of Tales of a Lost Mine (TOALM). For those who doesn’t know what we are talking about, TOALM is the first game that we started developing, it is a retro styled metroidvania for android (you can checkout more of it here on our games section of the site) and it had its development paused so we could focus on completing BGUG.

And now, that BGUG has been released, updated and doing good, we decided that it is time to get back to our first project and try finishing it. We hope to have good news about its progress soon, so stay tuned for updates about it, we shall keep posting this progress on our Twitter, so keep an eye on it.

This is it for today, hope to see you here for our next devlog.